About Chad Larson


I have made it my personal goal to convert businesses and people away from spreadsheets and towards more effective programs and methods. Let me tell you how your business can maximize efficiency.

For the past three decades I have worked in various software development roles for a multitude of companies. Streamlining business operations and eliminating inefficiencies in the workplace is my bread and butter. I LOVE helping companies realize true value by saving time and resources. Often this can be done by talking through a workplace bottleneck where I can offer instant assistance to alleviate the strain with small changes involving technology.

Too often I have found that the small change that needs to occur comes down to the use or misuse of spreadsheets. Despite a general usefulness and a universal understanding of how spreadsheets work, they are often a hidden danger to most companies. As I consult with and audit companies for productivity wasters, spreadsheets rise to the top. Workers “think” they are solving a problem, but they are often making matters worse, if not for the present moment, then for shortly down the road.

I can show you the light of a spreadsheet-less world for your business. Contact me now to learn how you can become the most efficient and productive company in your industry.

What I Do


I love to speak and share my wisdom on how to keep their company safe and secure as well as to help organizations improve productivity. Current talks ready to go are:

  • The Perils of Spreadsheets
  •  The Elephant in the Cubicle – What developers wish their managers knew
  • Take Responsibility
  • Bald at Age 12 (Hairless Youth)

Custom talks for your business can be arranged


Over my career I have made business and technical presentations to groups large and small. I most recently have presented at user group meetings and company and department gatherings on topics such as Computer and software security, MarkDown, Beginning and Intermediate SQL Server, Javascript, .Net Core, Vue.JS, and Using VSCode.

If you need training at your organization, Chad is up to it.


I consult on various computer and technology topics including:

  • System integrations
  • Software development security
  • Spreadsheets
  • SQL database design, reporting
  • Automation and productivity
  • Small business websites

Call to discuss your needs and concerns or checkout my consulting company website: nCompass.org

Need Advice?

Call me for a free consultation. Let’s see what your needs are and if we are a fit for working together.